Hey guys! Something a little different, something a little special:

A lovely tmr fan and follower of this blog, , started a new tmr themed blog! It’s a roleplay blog that also combines confessions! That’s cool, hey? How it works is you send in confessions as if you were a glader! Super fun stuff that everyone can participate in. Please check it out, it’s such a creative idea and she put a lot of thought and consideration into creating this blog! 

Hey everyone, so I thought I should maybe make this url giveaway a little easier. It will be more of a url request kind of thing now…

What has changed:

  • This url giveaway has now become a first come first serve kind of thing. The first person to request a url, will get it.
  • There is no longer an end date. So basically, all urls will be available until someone claims them. 
  • You don’t have to reblog the giveaway post!
  • Winners will not be announced since this no longer has an end date.
  • Requests for urls will be accepted through the ask BUT for organization purposes, it’s preferred that you request through the submission box.

What hasn’t changed:

  • You may request a maximum of 3 urls but you will only get one!
  • You don’t have to be following the blog, but if you don’t it would be cool if you could check it out (:
  • If you win, you can do whatever you want with the url, you can hoard it or use it for your blog
  • If you win, you will be contacted via ask box by tmrconfessionsgiveaway.tumblr.com so have it open!

URLs still available:

I realized that I made the giveaway a little too complicated. Hopefully this is a better system for everyone! There are still some good urls available so request fast before someone takes one you want! This page will be available on the blog at all times and updated regularly since there is no longer an end date!

Enjoy! (: